Yukon River Inter–‐Tribal Watershed Council, Yukon

YukonYouthThe Yukon River Inter-­‐Tribal Watershed Council is an Indigenous grassroots organization, consisting of 70 First Nations and Tribes, dedicated to the protection and preservation of the Yukon River Watershed. This is accomplished by providing Yukon First Nations and Alaska Tribes in the Yukon Watershed with technical assistance in: facilitating the development and exchange of information; coordinating efforts between First Nations and Tribes; undertaking research; and providing training, education and awareness programs to promote the health of the Watershed and its Indigenous peoples.

To Nizoni Ani, Arizona

ToNizhoniAniTo Nizhoni Ani (TNA) was founded in 2001 in response to Peabody Coal Company’s excessive use and waste of the only potable water source the Navajo people have on Black Mesa. TNA is working to educate young people about coal, and is developing solar projects at a number of sites on Black Mesa that would produce energy needed for the Navajo Nation and decrease dependence on fossil fuel and importation of electricity made elsewhere.

Southern Appalachian Labor School, West Virginia

SASThe Southern Appalachian Labor School (SALS) was founded in 1981. Its board makeup represents the individuals and communities it serves: those facing health and economic crises, the disabled, and those affected by toxic wastes. Members include also civil rights activists, union members, and veterans. SALS is involved in community development, housing, and youth transformation.

Purpose Focused Alternative Learning Corporation, Arizona

img_purp_02Purpose Focused Alternative Learning Corporation was founded in 2008 in the State of Arizona and is also a registered Charitable Corporation on the Navajo Nation. The organization was developed around the concept of creating synergies between committed and engaged people to implement sustainable change in their communities. To accomplish their goal, Purpose Focus engages in incorporating Alternative Education in the Environmental Sciences, Advanced Remediation Technologies and Renewable Energies that will promote environmental, social and economic justice.

Northwatch, Ontario

NorthwatchA founding member of Mining Watch Canada, Northwatch was founded in 1988 to provide a regional voice on environmental concerns in northeastern Ontario. Work over the last two decades has focused on mining, forestry, and energy issues, both at the policy and project level, as well as, successfully campaigning against a series of proposals to bring foreign wastes – solid waste, medical waste, toxic waste, and nuclear waste – for dumping in northeastern Ontario. Northwatch holds a seat on the Ontario Minister’s Mining Act Advisory Committee, and works with local groups and concerned residents, including trade unions and First Nations, in responding to mining-related projects.

Northeastern Minnesotans for Wilderness, Minnesota

NMWorgNortheastern Minnesotans for Wilderness (NMW) was founded in 1996 by local citizens from wilderness-edge communities to protect the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. Today, NMW is the lead organization in a national coalition known as the Campaign to Save the Boundary Waters, which seeks to protect Boundary Waters, its watersheds, and Voyageurs National Park from proposed large-scale sulfide-ore copper mining projects in the Superior National Forest.

New Mexico Environmental Law Center, New Mexico

NewMexicoLawCenterThe New Mexico Environmental Law Center (Law Center) is a nonprofit, public interest law firm founded in 1987 that provides low-cost and free legal services to primarily low-income and minority clients on environmental matters throughout the state of New Mexico. The Law Center’s mission is to protect New Mexico’s natural environment and to achieve environmental justice for the state’s communities through legal representation, policy advocacy, and public education.

KAIROS: Canadian Ecumenical Justice Initiatives, Ontario

KAIROSKAIROS, founded in 2001, is a grassroots organization based in Toronto and made up of eleven national churches and church organization, twenty-three international partner organization, and Indigenous partner organizations in Canada. KAIROS works for Indigenous rights, ecological and social justice, and human rights in Canada and globally, relying on our strong international partnerships.

Grassy Narrows Youth Organization, Ontario

GrassyNarrowYouthThe Grassy Narrows Youth Organization was formed in 2013 to empower a new generation of youth leaders in the community with the skills and support needed to protect land in Anishinabe traditional territory, while promoting and empowering traditional land use activities. AOK was also created to address some of the specific environmental threats including a planned rare earth mine at Separation Rapids, and the expansion of Goldcorp’s (and other) gold mining operations around Red Lake and elsewhere on the territory.

Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness, Minnesota

FriendsBoundaryThe Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness was established in 1976 to bring full wilderness protection to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW). Currently the primary focus of their organization is preventing pollution from proposed sulfide mining projects and mining exploration that would impact area water, cultural resources, human use and enjoyment of the region, and wilderness character.

Gifford Pinchot Task Force, Washington

GiffordPinchotSince 1985, the Gifford Pinchot Task Force has been working to protect and restore riparian and terrestrial ecosystems in Washington’s South Cascades by defending against irresponsible management practices and harmful resource extraction projects, and by advocating for proactive conservation initiatives.

Fair Mining Collaborative, British Columbia

FairMiningFair Mining Collaborative (FMC) will work with the Xatsull First Nation of the Great Secwepemc Nation and Northern Secwepemc the Qelmucw (NStQ) and with First Nations Women Advocating Responsible Mining. The Xatsull is the largest nation in interior BC, and the territory includes the location of the Mt. Polley Mine disaster.

Eyak Preservation Council, Alaska

EyakThe Eyak Preservation Council (EPC) is a grassroots organization dedicated o protecting and preserving wild salmon habitat and Indigenous culture while promoting sustainable communities in the Prince William Sound and Copper River Watersheds of Alaska.

Dragoon Conservation Alliance, Arizona

dragoonDragoon Conservation Alliance, Arizona was revived in 2014 to combat a mining proposal by Excelsior Mining Co. The organization successfully defeat a marble mine in the Dragoon Mountains in 2008. A small group of local residents holds community meetings and shares information about the mining operation and the water quality of the local aquifer, which serves as the sole source of potable water for several municipalities and unincorporated communities.

Dine Care, Arizona

dinecareDine Care has been operating within the Navaho Nation since 1988. Their mission is to support local activists who seek to defend their communities from the adverse effects of outside economic and fossil fuel energy development including coal mining and coal fired power generation, uranium mining and milling, oil and gas exploration, ground and surface water extraction, and other environmental assaults.

Concerned Citizens and Retire Miners Coalition, Arizona

nuzbot_Tue-Dec-23-201425Concerned Citizens and Retired Miners Coalition is a grassroots group of local citizens and their families, retired and displace miners, and individuals concerned about the conveyance of important U.S. public recreational land to a foreign mining company for private use.

IEN – WMAN Mining Mini-Grant Awards

The following is a list of communities and groups who have been awarded grants in the IEN/WMAN Mining Mini-Grant program (Second Cycle 2012). Advocates for the Protection of Sacred Sites – California Green Energy Justice Summit, a convening to bring together...

Judge upholds Minnesota’s wild rice protection

by Stephanie Hemphill, Minnesota Public Radio May 11, 2012 DULUTH, Minn. — A Ramsey Court judge has upheld the state’s standard for sulfate in waters that produce wild rice. The Minnesota Chamber of Commerce challenged the rule, saying it was vague and arbitrarily...

Mining Minigrant Receipent – WaterLegacy

Dear Aimee and Simone, We’ve had a very exciting week with our district court victory upholding the wild rice standard! We appreciate the WMAN-IEN support, which helped make our work on this issue possible, and we’d like to give you an update. You may...

Mining Minigrant Receipent – Keepers of the Water

“Keepers of the Water, an Indigenous-led, grassroots organization, originally began in the summer of 2006 with weekly traditional Ojibwe women’s teachings ending with a water ceremony on Gichigami (Lake Superior). We work mainly in a spiritual way, guided by...