EyakThe Eyak Preservation Council (EPC) is a grassroots organization dedicated o protecting and preserving wild salmon habitat and Indigenous culture while promoting sustainable communities in the Prince William Sound and Copper River Watersheds of Alaska. For 26 years, EPC has achieved major grassroots-led conservation victories that include blocking oil and gas development on 65,000 acres in the Copper River Delta and thwarting the federal government’s and Native Corporation’s plan to build a 55-mile road across the Copper River Delta to access coal, oil, gas, and 10,000 acres of old growth timber.

The Eyak Preservation Council will use its mini-grant funding to continue a campaign to retire the Bering River coalfields and return them to the Chugach National Forest so they will never be mined and subject to mountain-top removal, and to save wild salmon habitat with conservation protections in place. Activities will include producing conservation booklets and a multimedia presentation, conducting strategic outreach, and building their high profile team of supporters. Learn more.


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