YukonYouthThe Yukon River Inter-­‐Tribal Watershed Council is an Indigenous grassroots organization, consisting of 70 First Nations and Tribes, dedicated to the protection and preservation of the Yukon River Watershed. This is accomplished by providing Yukon First Nations and Alaska Tribes in the Yukon Watershed with technical assistance in: facilitating the development and exchange of information; coordinating efforts between First Nations and Tribes; undertaking research; and providing training, education and awareness programs to promote the health of the Watershed and its Indigenous peoples.

The Yukon River Inter-­‐Tribal Watershed Council will use their mini-­‐grant to provide training and the necessary tools to the Taku River Tlingit First Nation to be able to develop their own community based monitoring program to address water quality and environmental concerns from placer mining on their traditional territory. Funds would be used for the workshop, sampling process, travel, and supplies. Learn more.


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