Hello Relatives

I have an urgent request. My name is Monique Verdin, I am an enrolled member of the Houma nation based in what is currently called southeast Louisiana, aka Bvlbancha and the Yakni Chitto. I am an affiliated member of the Indigenous Environmental Network and an organizer of the Another Gulf is Possible Collaborative. My tribe and the other tribes that inhabit this region are currently expecting the arrival of Hurricane Ida to hit our homelands. I cannot say this easily, but our communities are expecting to bear the brunt of what is expected to be a category 4 hurricane. 
Please help our communities prepare for the results of this storm by donating to this mutual aid relief effort, created and managed by the Another Gulf is Possible Collaborative. 
We expect Hurricane Ida to leave a devastating track of damage, with landfall happening today Sunday, August 29 at a Category 4 strength on the same day Hurricane Katrina hit 16 years ago. 
This region is also one of the epicenters of the petro-chemical industry adding an even more frightening element to the recovery process. The land and water will surely be (further) toxified from the damage caused due to flooding from the storm surge, high velocity wind (up to 150 mph), in addition to possible chemical spills, flares and fires.
This all occurring in the midst of the Delta surge in the pandemic impacting black and brown people the most, where community recovery efforts will need to take into account safe physical distancing and maintaining all public health best practices.
You can donate to our efforts here: www.AnotherGulf.com/Ida
We will distribute donations directly to indigenous, black, and brown frontline folks impacted by Hurricane Ida and groups who currently don’t have online donations capacity, as well as directly to individual families impacted by the storm. 
I humbly thank you for your support and send you my warmest regards from my homelands in southeastern Louisiana. 
Monique Verdin
Another Gulf is Possible Collaborative & IEN affiliated member


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