November 13, 2021
Jennifer K. Falcon, Indigenous Environmental Network,
Glasgow, Scotland – After 30 years of UNFCCC negotiations, the COP26 in Glasgow delivers a disastrous outcome. Overflowing into the weekend, the negotiations ended with the completion of Article 6 of the Paris Agreement. Governments will exit Glasgow with no chance of keeping global warming below 1.5 C. There is no set process and changes made to “phase-out of unabated coal” to “phase-down of unabated coal”without buy-in from all the parties involved.
Serious alarms in the agreement include the completion of Article 6; no consensus on Loss and Damage finance, which several countries — including Cuba, Gabon and Bolivia — clearly stated was unacceptable; and a lack of a real equitable and just phase out plan for fossil fuels. Article 6 of the Paris Agreement is the framework which sets out the rules for a global carbon pricing system.
Tom BK Goldtooth, the Executive Director of the Indigenous Environmental Network stated, “The outcome of COP26 locks us into another decade of false solutions, colonialism and unbridled violence upon Mother Earth, full stop. The expansion of carbon markets, techno-fixes and finance programs allowing historical polluters to ramp up global fossil fuel production will only intensify the climate emergency. The consequences of COP26 are dire and will impact the survival of Indigenous Peoples and local communities across the planet, while doing little to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions at source. Many communities around the world do not have time.”
“I feel discouraged by the business as usual conclusion of COP26 in Glasgow but I am encouraged by the tremendous organizing being done by Indigenous communities across the globe, and by the great number of global citizens who see right through the business as usual of these meetings. For several years the Global South and Island Nations, as well as the Indigenous people in the Global North have asked for real climate solutions as we are experiencing the crisis on our homelands. We need real accountability for the military. We need immediate cuts to extractive energy resources to avert a near term extinction.” said Panganga Pungowiyi, Geoengineering Organizer, Indigenous Environmental Network. “Additionally we are finished as serving as sacrifice zones and experiments for wealthy nations who test theoretical techno fixes on our lands and bodies. We are still going to be here, speaking the truth and holding people accountable. Expect us.”


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