Climate justice groups denounce carbon markets with day of protest at UN’s COP25

On Thursday, December 5, 2019, climate justice organizations will lead a day of protest against carbon markets at COP25, calling to keep this false solution out of the Paris rule-book.

Article 6.2 and 6.4, which are rules for carbon markets, will be key items on the negotiating table at COP25 in Madrid.

These articles will likely be promoted and supported by polluting countries and corporations as a “solution” to global warming.

In reality, carbon markets are a false solution—they have never, and will never, deliver on emissions reductions. Instead, they enable ‘business-as-usual’ and pose a grave threat to Indigenous Peoples and frontline communities globally.

Carbon Markets briefing (English)
Carbon Markets briefing (Spanish)
Carbon Markets briefing (French)

#Landback a pivotal Indigenous Resistance conversation with Nigel Henri Robinson

#Landback has become a pivotal conversation in the Indigenous resistance. We asked Nigel Henri Robinson of the Cold Lake First Nations in so-called Canada how the #LandBack movement came to be here after his panel at #COP25

Produced by Ayse Gürsöz

Indigenous Peoples lead 500,000 person COP25 Climate March in Madrid

Indigenous Peoples lead 500,000 person COP25 Climate March in Madrid. Colonialism caused this Climate Crisis and Indigenous Rights are the climate solution. “My ancestors were the original climate activists, beginning at first contact. We’ve sacrificed everything for our lands. We’ve fought, we’ve died. We as Indigenous youth are calling on Global leaders to do better.”

If a system perpetuates violence... you have the right to stand against those wrongs

“If the law is upholding a system that perpetuates violence against land future generations and disproportionately black, brown and Indigenous people, you have the right to stand against those wrongs.”

Ta’kaiya Blaney (Tla’Amin First Nation) talks about the necessity for allies to take support one step further and become accomplices unafraid to use direct action as a tactic In strategic organizing to defend Indigenous lands and people at the Cumbre Social por el Clima in Madrid, Spain.

Ta’kaiya is in Madrid as a part of Indigenous Climate Action’s Youth Delegation.
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Video by Ayse Gürsöz for Indigenous Rising Media

The Sky is Not For Sale— Nix Article 6

UN’s COP25 December 5th 2019: No Carbon Markets Day

Dipti Bhatnagar with Friend of the Earth Mozambique talks about the action
Indigenous and frontline sky protectors and forest protectors from across Mother Earth held inside the UN’s COP25 Climate Conference. The sky is not for sale and the carbon mechanisms in Article 6 of the Paris Agreement prey upon Indigenous peoples and their resources.
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The UN has acknowledged ecosystems held by Indigenous and local communities have less biodiversity loss but the UN is still pushing pay to pollute carbon market schemes that poison our skies.
Climate chaos is wreaking havoc on our communities and we cannot continue to let neoliberals sell us false solutions as our world has passed a warming tipping point.

Article is a False Solution- We Demand the UN Take Action on Climate Change NOW

Indigenous peoples from across the world gathered at the United Nations Climate Change Conference COP25 in Madrid Spain to protest the UN from passing Article 6 in the Paris Agreement.

Article 6 commodifies Indigenous peoples natural resources. The UN has stated that ecosystems managed by Indigenous and local communities have less biodiversity loss but the UN continues to allow pay to pollute loopholes like carbon markets that allow corporations and colonial governments to prey on Indigenous peoples land and bodies.

We cannot wait for global leaders to save us from the climate chaos we are experiencing, we are here to action and our voices will be heard.

Live from COP25 in Spain and from the Cumbre de los Pueblos in Chile

Live from COP25 in Spain and from the Cumbre de los Pueblos in Chile: learn how we are pushing back against Carbon Market schemes at COP25, and why addressing only carbon emissions without challenging the growth-at-all-costs economy doesn’t resolve the real crisis.

Speakers will also talk about the popular uprising in Chile, and about frontline community solutions that are being discussed at the Cumbre de los Pueblos and the Carpa de Mujeres, in Santiago, Chile.

Webinar presenters: Mafalda Galdames, of the World March of Women, Chile and the peasant organization ANAMURI, Christian Rodriguez, of Ironbound Community Corporation, Eriel Deranger of Indigenous Climate Action, and Nyiesha Mallett of UPROSE. The webinar will be moderated by Dallas Goldtooth of the Indigenous Environmental Network.

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December 5, 2019 Madrid, Spain COP 25 Indigenous Climate Action

December 5, 2019 Madrid, Spain – COP 25 – Indigenous Climate Action First Nations Youth Delegation and their allies delivered a letter calling on the Canadian Government to reject #CarbonMarkets and #ArticleSix of the Paris Rule-book.

As a signatory to the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, Canada has a legal obligation to push for our collective rights Internationally.

Grounding song from IEN Executive Director Tom BK Goldtooth


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