The following statement mentioned sexual assault
on a minor and violence.
Proceed with care.
If you are in a domestic/sexual violence situation please call or chat the StrongHearts Native Helpline. 24/7. 1-844-762-8483.
Indigenous Environmental Network Statement Regarding Walter “Bunky” Echo-Hawk Jr.
The Indigenous Environmental Network stands for protecting all women, femmes, children, two-spirit, and non-binary relatives from the harms of sexual violence. We believe our struggle to defend the sacredness of Mother Earth goes hand-in-hand with defending, believing and supporting relatives who have been assaulted and abused.
The allegations against Walter “Bunky” Echo-Hawk Jr. are inexcusable and horrific. The Indigenous Environmental Network has used Bunky’s artwork on a handful of occasions and we now regret those moments. Our organization formally cuts ties with Bunky and we will not be involved with him in any of our projects or work in the future. We send our deepest love and empathy to all those who have been harmed and affected by his actions.
Lastly, for the safety of our relatives in this matter we strongly demand that people not share personal identifying information about the victim(s) in this case. The emotional, spiritual, and physical healing of survivors depends on protecting their right to consent.
We must break the cycle of violence perpetrated upon Native youth, femmes, LGBTIQ, two-spirit and gender non-conforming relatives. 


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