Coalition to Stop Parent Company of DAPL Rallies at Energy Transfer Partners HQ in Dallas

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A national coalition of frontline communities, environmental justice and Indigenous rights groups launch a campaign to hold Energy Transfer Partners accountable.

Dallas, TX — Today, hundreds of activists rallied and stood in solidarity with communities who have been impacted by Energy Transfer Partners’ pipelines.

Despite unprecedented protest of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) and being charged for many violations during the construction of DAPL, Energy Transfer Partners continues to expand its operations across the United States. From North Dakota to Pennsylvania, from Ohio to Louisiana, from Michigan to Texas, ETP violates Indigenous sovereignty, human and environmental rights.

“Enough is enough. Across the country, Energy Transfer Partners steals land, poisons air and water, and trashes the climate,” said Yolonda Blue Horse, Society of Native Nations. “But the buck stops here. We’ve come together today to say ‘Stop.’ Stop the violence, stop the pollution, #StopETP.”

The rally in Dallas launches a coordinated national day of action tomorrow, September 9th, at ETP facilities and regional community sites across the county. There are over a dozen actions taking place in 10 different states.

“With a national day of action opposing all of ETPs operations we’re making it clear that ETP isn’t welcome in our communities. This isn’t NIMBY politics — ETP has proven that it can’t be a good corporate neighbor, anywhere,” said Ethan Buckner, Earthworks Energy Campaigner. “No one deserves polluted air and water, we must #StopETP everywhere they operate.”

Just recently, ETP’s Rover Pipeline in the northeast set a record for the most negative inspection reports of any major interstate natural gas pipeline built in the last two years. In addition, the North Dakota Public Service Commission (NDPSC) is taking legal action against Energy Transfer Partners for violations during the construction of DAPL.
Joye Braun of the Indigenous Environmental Network, was apart of a delegation that traveled from the Dakotas to stand in solidarity with communities in the south.

“Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) has consistently ignored and circumvented Indigenous rights, human rights, and treaty law. Stopping ETP will not only protect Indigenous communities but will also protect countless American citizens as their projects threaten drinking water for millions of people. In addition, as we see communities across the nation suffer from extreme weather and climate change, we can no longer afford to have ETP transport dirty oil across the country. Their projects have violated construction regulations, pipelines like DAPL and Rover Pipeline have already leaked and their partnership with the security firm TigerSwan has proven that they are willing to engage in illegal tactics to further their profits. The time is now to say no to ETP, in addition to people joining this movement, we need banks and local governments to join as well. We want a healthy future for all and that means holding ETP accountable and not allowing their company into our communities.”

#StopETP is a growing coalition of communities and organizations working together to protect water, air, land, and people from Energy Transfer Partners.


Jade Begay, Indigenous Environmental Network,, 505-699-4791
Yolonda Blue Horse, Society of Native Nations,, 972-971-5676


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