Please sign this letter pushing back on carbon trading schemes that are pushing climate scams around the country. The deadline to sign the letter is this Friday, June 17th.

The California Air Resources Board is finalizing its Scoping Plan. You may have heard about California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard and Cap-and-Trade program, which were implemented with the intention of reducing the state’s carbon emissions. As one of the largest states in the country, this has potential for a big impact statewide and nationally…but unfortunately, in the wrong way!  That’s because the program is subsidizing dirty energy around the country by allowing polluters to count methods like carbon capture and storage, biogas, and hydrogen to offset excessive emissions. We know these greenwashed solutions do not actually reduce carbon emissions. 

Sign on HERE to join groups around the country and in California who calling on Governor Newsome and CARB to scrap these climate scams and chart a pathway off fossil fuels. We know these policies are causing environmental harm and increasing pollution for communities at nearby facilities around the country. It’s a problem, but that’s why we’re fighting for real climate solutions. 

Join us for a Community Engagement Workshop Thursday, 16th of June. See flyer below for the June 16th workshop (in English, Spanish and Simplified Chinese) and the link to the registration form!

Please join / watch this video explainer about the CARB Scoping Plan and prepare for a trip to Sacramento. 

If you are near Sacramento on June 23rd, join us in person from 9am-onward and have your voices heard!!!


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