Brazilian indigenous Child with No REDD Shield 2They want to see us as gardeners in our own lands”

The International Alliance of Indigenous and Local Communities on Climate Change held a press conference at the Peoples Summit in Rio to expose ’green economy’ and the REDD mechanism (Reducing Emission from Deforestation and Degradation).

Representatives of indigenous peoples from around the world not only exposed the REDD mechanism as a false solution to climate change, but also as a process that contributes to human rights violations in indigenous populations.

Berenice Sanchez of the Nahua people of Mexico, exposed the threats and problems that REDD is causing in Mexico.

She said the indigenous peoples have no role in the implementation of REDD projects, she also mentioned the role of indigenous peoples is invisible because the United Nations has not taken real commitments to respect and enforce indigenous peoples collective rights. The principle of free, prior and informed consent is not respected.

She also criticized the role of some organizations that mediate between those who want to implement REDD projects and indigenous communities. Read more.

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