1006043_10153080366730084_404447627_nPalmer, Alaska on August 17th-21st, 2013.

The goals of the training camp are:

1) Bring together a diverse group of people including grassroots leaders, Tribal government leaders, youth, elders, etc. to discuss the issues of fossil fuels, mining and climate change

2) Ensure a baseline knowledge of fossil fuels, mining and climate change issues (impacts, policies, key questions, key players, etc.) among participants

3) Identify regional impacts, key issues, research needs, policy positions, and next steps concerning fossil fuel, mining and  climate change with emphasis for Alaska Natives.

We will cover topics such as: Media 101, Legal 101, Oil and Gas 101, Coal 101, Mining 101, Renewable Energy 101, Climate Justice 101, Non-Violent Direct Action 101 and Decolonization 101.  REDOIL and  Rising Tide AK  would like to bring in participants from frontline fossil fuel, mining and climate change impacted communities from throughout Alaska.

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