"One Plate, One Table"

Great Grandmother Mary Lyons’ Statement at the Knowledge Holder Meeting at COP28


“Trying to understand the foundation, the security of our knowledge as not too long again, we were silenced from our traditions to convert to a colonial lifestyle, now less than 75 years, our knowledge is being asked of, once silenced to now, as an elder, I am concerned.”

Humanity and Nature go hand in hand, we are at a crossroads, so therefore;

We declare a climate emergency in all lands!

Accountability is in question,

Implementation is in question,

Research is far from being valid,

Best Practices within the health world has fallen short!

To include the world’s population voices of concern, one must examine the truths of each territories and not only the rights of the people, but the rights of nature.

To sit with the Justice Systems throughout the globe, one must understand the meaning of “ONE PLATE, ONE TABLE”.

To understand finance, one must detach themselves from greed and profit and sit in the circles of wellness.

To educate the population that one serves, one must sit amongst the weakest and understand what made them weak.

Climate Finance, and Carbon Trading, Offsets and Carbon Pricing in Article 6, the majority of the global population have very little understanding to what this really means and have limited knowledge of how it harms them.

Wisdom and vulnerability is the base of what knowledge exists from, so, how do we all move forward with universal understanding?

So, we continuously ask ourselves;

What are some of the pressing responses we all would love to hear?

What are the roots of systemic water, air and earth violence?

We all can respond to this, as we stand in the homeland gardens we are to nourish from. We all know who entered our living rooms without being invited in.

We all know the impacts of historical and inter-generational trauma.

What is today’s common addiction that ripples throughout all communities rather it be wealthy or poor?

No matter what the interpretation is, the final results all add up to a global climate chaos and no one, no matter how wealthy or how financially limited they are, they cannot escape the impacts. The global platform will face the disruption in the quality of air, water, fire and earth, we are in now!

We are at a crossroads of vulnerability on both sides, but here is the statement that must stand strong;

In closing;

It is my hope that the Ethical Protocol for the Protection and Use of Traditional Indigenous Knowledge will be utilized before our Knowledge is passed on to the UNFCCC bodies including the SBSTA and the CMA. I do not want to see what I share here as being interpreted by other People and have it possibly distorted or misused.

Chii Megwetch, thank you,


Indigenous Rising Radio

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