NORTHERN MINNESOTA – September 22, 2021 

According to Anishinaabe artist and photographer Ron Turnery of the Indigenous Environmental Network, a new frac-out has been reported in the Mississippi River headwaters near the Camp Firelight Encampment site. Recent Frac-outs have occurred during Enbridge’s constructions of Line 3 as it threads the pipeline under water bodies and accidentally releases drilling fluid or drilling mud containing questionable – and trade-secret-protected — chemical additives harmful to plant and aquatic life.
Turney made the discovery on September 16, 2021, and posted images of the frac-out – this one substantially bigger than the original one reported earlier this summer in the area and is continues to leak into the water way. 
In total, some 28 frac-outs have occurred as Enbridge races to bring Line 3 operational. More unreported ones such as this recent one, are suspected.


Indigenous Rising Radio

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