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Chairman Frazier statement on banning Indians from the Grand Gateway Hotel in Rapid City.

Eagle Butte, SD (March 21, 2022) – On the March 19, 2022 a young man was seriously injured at the Grand Gateway Hotel on LaCrosse Street in Rapid City, South Dakota. Afterward a statement was made by a family member who owned and operated this hotel stating, “We will no long[er] allow any Native American on property. Or in Cheers Sports Bar.” This person then goes to say ranchers and other travelers will receive a special rate of $59.00 a night. The owners also own other businesses in Rapid City and I am sure we are treated the same at all of their businesses.

I condemn this statement for all of the racism and discrimination this imposes on us. This type of behavior will no longer be tolerated in this day and age. Not too long ago an Indian was murdered when someone shot him point blank in a bar in this very city. You did not hear us condemn a whole race of people so don’t condemn our people. Statements like this shows your feelings about all Indians.

It is foolish to attack a race of people and not all of the issues affecting the society in which we live. This includes racism. The members of the Great Sioux Nation who visit our sacred Black Hills are often subject to this kind of behavior. Those members that choose to live on our treaty territory are often treated as a problem, no matter how we choose to live.

When those wagons first began their way to break treaties and settle on our territory we were classified as lesser beings and genocide was justified as such. The words uttered by this person is a reminder to my people that this is still the case. No Indians allowed.

I demand an immediate apology from this person to the Lakota, Dakota and Nakota territory with clear and public consequences. To those who will try to distance themselves from these words and thoughts to save face and business I say to you that it is unfair to be generalized and every Lakota knows how you feel.
Hecetu elo.


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