January 21, 2022
Contact: Jennifer K. Falcon, Indigenous Environmental Network

Austin, TX – On January 22nd, the Karankawa Kadla and allies will be holding a protest against the Enbridge terminal expansion in Corpus Christi outside of Bank of America on 2501 S Congress Ave, Austin, Texas from 1:00-3:00 pm. As part of an active lawsuit against Enbridge, the largest transporter of crude oil and tar sands in the nation, the Karankawa Kadla and allies are organizing protests across Texas to stop the development of the Enbridge terminal. They seek accountability from Enbridge and Bank of America, one of the major funders of the expansion, for developing on Indigenous land without consent and the environmental destruction of the Gulf Coast.
What: Karankawa Kadla and Allies Protest Against Enbridge Terminal Expansion
Where: Bank of America on 2501 S Congress Ave, Austin, Texas
When: January 22nd, 2022 at 1:00 PM -3:00 PM
Why: The Enbridge terminal expansion is planned to be constructed in the ancestral settlement and land of the Karankawa Kadla, where thousands of sacred Karankawa artifacts remain and ceremony and prayer have continued for the past 2,000 years. If the expansion of the Enbridge terminal on Karankawa land continues, the Karankawa Kadla will lose direct access to their land and ancestral artifacts in addition to the pollution of sacred natural waters within the region, violating several U.S. water protection laws.

“The fossil fuel industry that’s trying to expand on Corpus Christi bay is going to be challenged at every angle. We have been challenging them since 2015 and have made strides. But now, we are getting organized, we are getting educated, and we are not going anywhere. Expect the same energy our ancestors had when colonizers stepped foot on the shoreline. Together with family & allies we will continue and January 22, 2022, is monumental in my opinion. It’s the first time we are being seen and heard.” Love Sanchez, Karankawa 

“The land we now call America is under attack by the fossil fuel industry. This call to action on the 22nd is to call for the cancelation of a planned Enbridge Expansion on Karankawa land. We are calling for no more fossil fuels, no more pushing indigenous folks off their land, no more waiting for things to get better.” Chiara Beaumont, Karankawa 
To get involved in the ongoing fight for Karankawa landback, please visit:
Instagram: @indigenous_peoples_361


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