It’s time to stop the transportation of LNG in its TRACKS! The fracking industry is transporting explosive and flammable liquefied natural gas (LNG) by rail. These “bomb trains” put millions of people in harm’s way.  LNG must be kept at super cold temperatures during transport and any deviation can cause massive explosion.

Under Trump, frackers were allowed to move LNG by rail –transporting through cities and towns. Now the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) is dragging its feet on whether to reverse Trump’s policy and ban LNG “bomb trains” once and for all.  That’s why we need you!
This is a major environmental justice issue. In New Jersey, a Special Permit for an LNG export terminal in Gibbstown would allow trains with up to 100 cars to run twice a day through densely populated communities. To put that in perspective, just 22 tank cars hold the equivalent energy of nearly five Hiroshima bombs. This plan would expose already marginalized communities to even greater harm.
It’s past time for Biden to uphold his promise for climate and environmental justice! 
Regardless if you live near an LNG facility or not, this impacts us all. Expanding transport by rail leads to more LNG exports. More exports, means more fracking and more burning of fossil fuels. It’s a toxic cycle that must be stopped. 
And after you do get your social networks to leave a comment to the Biden administration, too! 

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@USDOT (Department of Transportation)
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.@POTUS @SecretaryPete, @NTSB transporting LNG by rail is dangerous and irresponsible. It’s time to live up to your campaign promises by fully banning LNG by Rail! #peoplevsfossilfuels #stopbombtrains


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Stop LNG in its tracks! Transportation of liquid gas via rail is a recipe for disaster for frontline communities. Join us in calling on @JoeBiden and @USDOT to ban LNG by rail once and for all. 


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@SecretaryPete @POTUS @NTSB  


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LNG is highly explosive and flammable, posing a huge risk to the environment and public health. It’s time to fully ban LNG by rail! 


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@POTUS @NTSB @SecretaryPete


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LNG spills are dangerous to human health + environment even without fire or explosion. LNG vapor clouds can asphyxiate people trapped within them. Tell @POTUS and @SecretaryPete to Stop LNG in its track! 


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Thank you for making your voice heard! 
In solidarity,
Joye Braun, 
National Pipelines Organizer
Indigenous Environmental Network 


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