The Build Back Better Act is stalled because coal baron Senator Joe Manchin from West Virginia’s opposition means the Senate is divided and without enough votes to pass the bill. This is already after months of cutbacks and compromises. While the bill contains investments that will improve people’s lives, it also invests in harmful energy technologies that will devastate frontline communities. 

Legislation like the Build Back Better Act would just be a first step towards the full scale of economic transformation necessary to repair, invest in, and sustain our communities, and we need this bill to do no harm. This delay of the Build Back Better Act is a crucial time to demand the Senate remove billions of dollars in handouts to dirty energy corporations in the final version of the bill.

Click here to sign our petition to remove subsidies for dirty energy in the Build Back Better Act

These false solutions include incentives for:

  • Nuclear power production
  • Biofuels, including funding for biofuel development and biomass power plants
  • Carbon Capture and Storage, including for coal, fracking, and enhanced oil recovery projects
  • Hydrogen power production that depends on fossil fuel energy
  • Waste-to-energy production, which is incineration of municipal solid waste that produces high levels of local pollution

We need bold Climate Justice legislation that doesn’t include support for dirty energy. Sign on to our letter by Wednesday, January 19.
Tell the Senate: NO FALSE SOLUTIONS in the Build Back Better Act!

Thank you for your support!

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