NOVEMBER 11, 2021
Jennifer K. Falcon, Indigenous Environmental Network,
Love Sanchez, Indigenous Peoples of the Coastal Bend,

Indigenous Peoples of the Coastal Bend Statement in Response to Enbridge’s Announcement to Expand Their Seawall Pipeline from Houston to Corpus Christi  

The Indigenous Peoples of the Coastal Bend will not allow Enbridge to feel comfortable with their colonial ways of destroying Indigenous communities. They can expect the same resistance from tribal communities in Texas as they did with Line 3. The movement against the fossil fuel industry grows larger every day. Black, Indgenous and people of the global majority and our allies will stand up for our communities who are already impacted by climate change.We will win the “race to save” the Corpus Christi bay area and the world from the devastating effect of the extractive industry that has been allowed free reign for too long. We are not alone in this fight. We are supported by the knowledge of the matriarchs and frontline voices who have already fought Enbridge. Our numbers and knowledge grows with each fight. Enbridge is not afraid to steal Indigenous resources and we are not afraid to protect them. Black, Indigenous and communities of the global majority are not your sacrifice zones. 
Another world is possible, expect us on the frontline every time. 

ENBRIDGE, being the leading transporter of oil and crude, is now owner of the Ingleside Terminal, which is the leading oil Exporter in the nation. Indigenous Peoples of the Coastal Bend are plaintiffs in an ongoing lawsuit against the Army Corps 404 permit, for ENBRIDGE Ingleside Terminal proposed expansion on their oil export terminal. Expansion has been halted until August 2022. 


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