It’s with a heavy heart we receive the news that the U.S. has tragically failed once again to honor our treaties and protect the water that sustains all life on Mother Earth. The Line 3 fight is far from over, it has just shifted gears. Do not think we are going quietly into the night, we will continue to stand on the frontlines until every last tar sands pipeline is shut down and Indigenous communities are no longer targeted but our right to consent or denial is respected.

Although Enbridge is pushing the message that the Line 3 is a done deal and that they have followed all the rules and regulations- we see even at this late date the continuing harm to our lands and waters. There have been spills, frac outs and pierced aquifers even to this day. They are spilling millions of gallons of polluted water directly into our forests and waterways. This is far from over.

We promise to continue to show up each time even stronger with new voices and hearts ready to lead.

From the belly of the beast north of the medicine line to rice beds that sustain the lifeways of the Anishinaabe all the way down to our relatives impacted in the Bayous– we will continue to fight for the natural and spiritual knowledge of the Earth. We will continue to fight and take care of one another and our Mother because she has always taken care of us.

Respect us, or expect us.


Indigenous Rising Radio

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