In response to the promotion of false solutions like carbon trading, grassroots and frontline organizations launch ‘Carbon Pricing Report’

Bonn, Germany – While city, state, and national leaders gather at the UN Climate Talks to launch and implement platforms and agendas that promote carbon trading, carbon offsets, and REDD+, the Indigenous Environmental Network and the Climate Justice Alliance take a bold stance to reject and challenge these so-called innovative solutions by releasing the “Carbon Pricing Report: A Critical Perspective for Community Resistance”.

This groundbreaking report provides in-depth context to why carbon market systems will not mitigate climate change, will not advance adaptation strategies, will not serve the most vulnerable communities facing climate change  impacts and only protect the fossil fuel industry and corporations from taking real climate action.

Today, November 15th, Indigenous Peoples who are impacted by the fossil fuel industry and who will be impacted by these false solutions (carbon markets) will speak at COP23 and demand that their community based solutions be recognized by decision-makers at all levels.  **Link to Video**
What: Indigenous Environmental Network and Climate Justice Alliance launch carbon pricing report to challenge the promotion and implementation of carbon markets.

When: 18:00 – 18:30 (6pm – 6:30)  (Local Bonn Time)

Where: Press Conference Room 2 Theatre | BULA Zone 3





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