Today, Representatives Cori Bush and Jamaal Bowman along with many of their other colleagues introduced the Public Power Resolution and sent a clear message: we need power in the people’s hands, not polluters. For far too long, the United States’ energy system has been privatized and commodified. The private utility and market has placed fossil fuel plants in Black backyards, and laid pipelines through sacred Indigenous land. Private utilities have failed in the face of, or even fueled, climate disasters. PG&E in California knew its transmission systems were faulty for years, but didn’t fix them and caused some of the largest wildfires the state had ever seen. The Public Power Resolution calls for a visionary publicly-owned system that grounds itself in energy democracy, fighting to reverse climate and racial injustices and build a regenerative economy. 

The Indigenous Environmental Network knows precisely how the monopolization and market-centric utility models that rely on fossil fuels fail to respond to the climate crisis, while simultaneously causing great harm to Indigenous, Black, and other marginalized communities. As we stand on the frontlines of the climate crisis and fossil fuel extraction, we know the time is now for a Just Transition rooted in Indigenous knowledge that moves us toward a renewable, regenerative future. For these reasons, we endorse Representative Cori Bush and Representative Jamaal Bowman’s Public Utility Resolution.

Important links:

Reps Cori Bush & Jamaal Bowman Press Release – https://tinyurl.com/publicpowerPR 

The New Republic article covering the Release – https://newrepublic.com/article/162593/green-new-deal-cori-bush-public-electricity 

Infographic on public power – https://tinyurl.com/publicpower 







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