Washington D.C.-  President Biden woke up to a message on the Andrew Jackson statue in front of the White House today. On the base of the statue “Expect Us” was written with blood splattered handprints to represent the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women epidemic all over the statue of the genocidal President. This comes on the heels of over 900 water protectors and land defenders arrested trying to stop Enbridge’s Line 3, from the descents whose ancestors survived the Trail of Tears, and those won’t fight against the extension of extractive colonialism. Today, thousands have shown up to demand Biden take bold action and begin a just transition from the extractive fossil fuel industry.

The group issued a statement:
“Our people are older than the idea of the United States of America. We are the original stewards of this land and will continue to fight for the natural and spiritual knowledge of our Mother who sustains our life-ways.
We are the grandchildren of the strong spirits who have survived your residential schools, your pipelines and mines, your reservations and relocation and your forced assimilation and genocide.
We carry the prayers and intentions of our ancestors and are unafraid.
Another world is possible, may all colonizers fall.”


Indigenous Rising Radio

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