We celebrate our Sisters, Two-Spirit, Femms, & Matriarchs of IEN - this month and every month...

International Women's Month
Women of IEN - Board Members

On this #InternationalWomensDay, and everyday, we honor all the powerful women, femmes, and Two Spirits in our families, communities, and across Mother Earth! Matriarchs and Two-Spirit are the cornerstones of our communities, breathing life into the web of life.

We recognize them as trailblazers, change-makers, system shakers, truth tellers, knowledge keepers, educators, caretakers and so much more.

At IEN, we are grateful and blessed to live, work, preserve, and celebrate our traditional ways with the many women, femmes and Two-Spirit who are leading the fight to protect and defend Mother Earth.

Join us in recognizing the power of women in herstory, and those who are paving the way for the next seven generations. #WomensHerstoryMonth #MeetOurTeam



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