caribouSince 1929 it was recognized that Alberta’s caribou would soon need some protection and that their range was becoming limited. (Alberta Forestry Lands and Wildlife. 1986. Woodland Caribou Provincial Restoration Plan.

74pp.) Since then many promises have been made and broken. These are just some of the documents:

1. 1977. A Policy for Resource Management of the Eastern Slopes. Alberta Energy and Natural Resources. July. 18pp.

2. 1978. Caribou management outline for Alberta Recreation, Parks and Wildlife Division.. Recreation, Parks and Wildlife Division. 4 pp.

3. 1981. The Strategy of Today for Fish and Wildlife Tomorrow. Fish and Wildlife Division.Goals:

4. 1984. The Status of Fish and Wildlife Resource in Alberta. Government of Alberta. Edmonton, AB.

5. 1986. Woodland Caribou Provincial Restoration Plan Alberta Forestry Lands and Wildlife.. 74 pp.

6. 1993. Strategy for Conservation of Woodland Caribou in Alberta. Alberta Fish and Wildlife Services. Edmonton, Alberta. Draft for discussion. 32 pp.

7. 1996. Alberta’s Woodland Caribou Conservation Strategy Alberta Woodland Caribou Conservation Strategy Development Committee.. 58 pp.

8. 1996. National Accord for the Protection of Species at Risk Environment Canada..

9. 2005. Alberta Woodland Caribou Recovery Plan 2004/05 – 2013/14. The Alberta Woodland Caribou Recovery Team. Alberta Species at Risk Recovery Plan No. 4 woodland-caribou-recovery-plan-200405-201314-albertaspecies-risk-recovery-plan-no

10. 2009. Athabasca Caribou Landscape Management Options Report Athabasca Landscape Team (ALT)..

11. 2011. A Woodland Caribou Policy for Alberta Alberta Government

12. 2012. Alberta Government’s Lower Athabasca Regional Plan (LARP) Alberta Government –  The framework will be developed by the end of 2013 and will:


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