Carbon Pricing is a False Solution to Climate Chaos

Carbon Pricing Breakdown

Carbon pricing schemes put a price on the air we breathe,
violating Mother Earth and Father Sky.

Systems that price carbon continue colonialism by perpetuating theft of Indigenous Peoples’ lands and territories, especially in the global South where Indigenous Peoples have been protecting lands and forests for thousands of years.

Land prices can be driven up and threaten the rights of Indigenous Peoples.

Carbon pricing has a simple goal:

to make it easy for governments and corporations to falsely claim they have reduced emissions.

Carbon pricing schemes, which include carbon taxes and offsets, are designed to allow corporations to buy their way out of reducing actual emissions (at source) with loopholes that allow reduction targets to be reached without actual emissions reductions taking place. 

The vested interests of corporate lobbies, polluting governments, financial institutions such as the World Bank, big conservation NGOs, among many others, have supported these false solutions, not only to legitimize and expand a clearly unsustainable economic system based on extraction but also as a source of further profit and land grab.

The goal of a cap and trade program is to report an overall reduction in emissions through buying and trading permits or credits, rather than reducing pollution at source. Traders argue that the free market will guide the process towards the cuts that are the cheapest to make.

These schemes allow corporations to secure additional profit through buying and selling carbon credits.

These schemes allow corporations to secure additional profit through buying and selling carbon credits.

Greenwashing rhetoric

Cap and trade systems are a way to make polluters pay

Offsets can make a corporation carbon neutral 

Carbon taxes just make logical sense because they drive up the price of fossil fuels and make renewable energy more  affordable

Truth-telling facts

Cap and trade systems are a way for polluters to continue to pollute and make more profit

Offset programs allow polluting industries to pollute above their limit

Offsets harm communities both at the pollution site and the offset project site


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