We are Camp Migizi, we made a solemn promise to stop line 3 and we intend to go down fighting. There is still work that needs to be done before the project is considered complete, we promise to disrupt and stop that work. We ask that you remember us, as we will still be here, fighting to protect all that is sacred, even if they build line 3 our community that we have built here will still remain, and we ask that you remember that just like all of the Indigenous communities we have come from we are still here, learning, fighting, and healing. We will remain an open camp, for queer bipoc anarchists and water protectors alike to reconnect to the water, the land and the world around us, we will still be here as you sit in your homes drinking Starbucks coffee placing bets on which football team will win next Sunday, we will still be here in the cold, in the heat, through the mud and the barbed wire, and we ask that you remember us, because the fight for clean water is never over, and we will remain, with all of our live, The Frontline.


Indigenous Rising Radio

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