We are kicking off the new year with some hard truths. President Biden is failing to meet his climate promises. Senator Manchin has stalled the Build Back Better Act. And fossil fuel companies are continuing to wreak havoc on Indigenous lands and other frontline communities.
Yet not all hope is lost. The power and momentum of our movement is having a real impact.
Not only did we show up by the thousands in D.C. in October, but we have continued the pressure on the Biden Administration since. In the last two months alone we have:

  • Submitted over 15,000 comments to stop the Sea Port Oil Terminal (SPOT) on the Gulf coast of Texas
  • Made over 1,100 calls to the Department of the Interior to stop new offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico
  • Submitted over 4,500 comments to the Department of Transportation to stop the transportation of highly flammable liquified natural gas by rail
  • And just last week dozens of activists occupied space outside of Biden’s own house in Delaware to demand that he stop fossil fuel projects and declare a climate emergency.

If there is one resounding truth it’s that, together we are making our voices heard!
Senator Manchin’s ability to sabotage Biden’s “Build Back Better” climate agenda in Congress is proof that Big Oil, Gas and Coal still have a tight grip on Members of Congress in both parties. That’s why it’s so important that we continue to push President Biden to use his executive authority to Build Back Fossil Free.  
President Biden still has the power to follow through on our demands, and that power rests on decades-old laws already on the books. Biden needs to stop approving federal fossil fuel drilling leases, ban fossil fuel exports, and stop issuing federal permits for pipelines and other fossil fuel projects across the country. This all must be done while declaring a climate emergency right now to catalyze a renewable energy revolution prioritizing good union jobs and justice at every step.
The only thing stopping Biden from using executive action to speed the end of the fossil fuel era is political will.
The road ahead may seem long, but it’s imperative that we continue to build our power together. Keep an eye out soon for more opportunities to plug in throughout 2022.
As always, we are humbled and deeply grateful to your commitment to climate and environmental justice.


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