Arctic Geoengineering False Solutions

Arctic Climate False Solutions

Climate geoengineering — defined as large-scale technological manipulation of the Earth’s systems — is developing at a dangerously alarming pace. These technologies are almost exclusively tested on Indigenous lands without Free Prior and Informed Consent, putting the health and welfare of the peoples and ecosystems at risk. This false solution to the climate crisis once seen as science fiction is now discussed as a viable and even necessary risk to addressing the symptoms of the climate crisis. In reality these technofixes are little more than greenwashed disaster capitalism, which often result in “Carbon Credits” or other forms of offsets, benefitting fossil fuel industry.

Examples of these projects include 

Carbon “offsets”, carbon markets and “net zero” policies are false solutions that prolong the fossil fuel era and allow large polluters to increase their “carbon caps” much like an accounting trick that results in increased adverse health impacts. These health effects disproportionately impact communities of color and Indigenous communities who reside near extraction sites and refineries, who suffer from increased lung disease, childhood and adult cancers, asthma, brain development disruption, and more.  

The resistance against geoengineering and carbon offsets is grounded in the struggle to address the root causes of the climate crisis. Support our delegation at the Arctic Assembly by attending our Panel discussions, raising concerns about geoengineering, and resisting carbon offsets and other false climate solutions. 


Demand that the Arctic Assembly stop offering a platform to false solutions and instead support real solutions, such as divesting from Fossil fuels and transitioning to a just economy. 

Inform your tribal governments and traditional councils about the dangers of false climate solutions and to contact IEN for learn further steps to resist geoengineering and divest from fossil fuel extraction.


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