Joye Braun on the Wakpa Waste Camp and the Fight to Stop the Keystone XL Pipeline

The water protectors camp, called the Wakpa Waste Camp, continues to stand in protection of water that threatens the Cheyenne River Sioux tribe including continuing to stand against the Dakota Access pipeline, and against the proposed Keystone XL pipeline. If built, the Keystone XL pipeline would would carry Tar Sands crude from Alberta and come within less than 1-mile of the Cheyenne River Sioux tribe’s boundaries.

Last Real Indian’s editor Matt Remle recently spoke with veteran water protector Joye Braun about the Wakpa Waste camp and fight against the Keystone XL pipeline. For those who are unaware of the water protectors camp at Cheyenne River tell us more about the camp.

Grassroots Leaders and Community Members March to Kelcy Warren’s Home

Dallas, TX — On Friday, September 8th, 2017, the #STOPETP coalition rallied at the headquarters of Energy Transfer Partners. The rally featured speakers who traveled from the Dakotas, Pennsylvania, Louisiana and other communities who are impacted by ETP’s pipelines. Following the rally, organizers of the event led a march to Kelcy Warren’s home, the CEO of Energy Transfer Partners. As the CEO of Energy Transfer Partners, Warren is responsible for the many violations committed in the construction and operation of his company’s pipelines. He and his company are also responsible for using illegal counter-terrorist tactics on Indigenous Peoples and their allies during the Standing Rock movement.

StopETP Coalition Rallies at Energy Transfer Partners HQ in Dallas

Despite unprecedented protest of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) and being charged for many violations during the construction of DAPL, Energy Transfer Partners continues to expand its operations across the United States. From North Dakota to Pennsylvania, from Ohio to Louisiana, from Michigan to Texas, ETP violates Indigenous sovereignty, human and environmental rights. “Enough is enough. Across the country, Energy Transfer Partners steals land, poisons air and water, and trashes the climate,” said Yolonda Blue Horse, Society of Native Nations. “But the buck stops here. We’ve come together today to say ‘Stop.’ Stop the violence, stop the pollution, #StopETP.”


Enough is ENOUGH!

On September 9th, 2017, we’re taking action across the country to #StopETP and defend indigenous rights and our water, land, air, and climate.

Who We Are

We are a growing coalition of communities and organizations that care deeply about our rights to clean water, clean air, a stable climate, and a democratic society.

We believe that landowners and indigenous tribes have the right to determine what happens to their land. But Energy Transfer Partners (ETP), a giant oil company based in Texas, has been consistently violating those rights in their drive to build new oil and gas pipelines. And along the way, communities have suffered.


We are a growing coalition of groups that represent millions of people including many communities directly impacted by ETP’s pipeline projects: 

350 Louisiana, Alamosa Riverkeeper, Atchafalaya Basinkeeper, Bold Louisiana, Cahaba Riverkeeper, Coastal Carolina Riverwatch, Crystal Coast Waterkeeper, Earthworks, Environmental Stewardship, Hurricane Creekkeeper, Indigenous Environmental Network, Milwaukee Riverkeeper, NoDAPL Global Solidarity, North Louisiana for Earth & Water Justice, Oil Change International, Rainforest Action Network, San Francisco Baykeeper, Sierra Club, Waccamaw Riverkeeper, Waterkeeper Alliance, Waterkeepers Chesapeake, Winyah Rivers Foundation… and many more.


Sign up NOW to host or join a #StopETP action in your community!


The Impact

When Energy Transfer Partners builds their pipelines, compressor stations, and other projects, this is what happens:

Water is polluted. ETP and their subsidiaries are responsible for a record 317 pipeline spills in the last 11 years. [1][2][3]

Indigenous sovereignty is violated. ETP destroys sacred sites and does not pursue consent from tribal governments to build new pipelines. [4]

Landowners rights are violated. ETP pursues eminent domain for private profit, forcing landowners to sign over easements. [5] Landowners are consistently lied to about risks, and often do not receive the compensation they are promised. [6]

Air is polluted. ETP’s leaky pipelines rely on compressor stations and processing plants that emit chemicals known to be harmful to humans, animals and the climate.

The climate is harmed. ETP’s pipeline projects are mostly intended to deliver oil and gas to foreign markets. The climate loses, and nobody gains except ETP. [7]

That’s why we must rise up to #StopETP. Click HERE to join an action on September 9th!


What We’re Doing About It

We are building a movement to #StopETP and protect our communities. Everywhere ETP shows up, we will be there to say NO.

Sometimes that means filing lawsuits and encouraging decision makers to say no to ETP’s projects. Sometimes that means exposing ETP’s history of environmental and human rights violations and educating our communities about the dangers of this company. And sometimes it means setting up camp in the pipeline’s path.

Our health, our water, our air, our climate, and our democracy demand it.

Communities are organizing actions across the country to challenge all of ETP’s dangerous and destructive pipeline projects. Visit to host or find an action near you!


What We Want

We demand that Energy Transfer Partners’ proposed and existing operations meet the following social and environmental criteria:

Water – Cause no water pollution;

Public Health – Cause no health-harming air pollution;

Indigenous Rights – Recognize and respect Indigenous sovereignty, including the right to say “No”;

Community Rights – Respect the rights of residents and property owners to protect themselves from harm;

Climate – Meet the climate test [8] to ensure the world does not exceed 1.5ºC temperature rise;

Accountability – Pay and commit to clean up existing water and air pollution, and to compensate those already harmed.


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HELP Spread the Word!

  • ETP pipelines wreak havoc across the nation. Join the movement to #StopETP by hosting an event in protest on Sept. 9
  • Help defend indigenous rights and our water, land, air, climate from ETP pipelines. Host an event to #StopETP on 9/9!
  • Where ETP builds, they steal land, poison air and water, and trash the climate. Help #StopETP—host an event on 9/9!

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  • Wherever they build, Energy Transfer Partners steals land, poisons air and water, and trashes the climate. Enough is enough. On September 9th, join an emerging coalition of frontline communities and allies across the country in taking action to #StopETP by attending an event or hosting your own.
  • On September 9th, an emerging coalition of frontline communities and allies are taking action across the country to #StopETP—owner of the disastrous Dakota Access Pipeline. Join us by attending an event or hosting your own to stop Energy Transfer Partners.
  • A coalition of frontline communities and allies are taking coordinated action to force ETP to withdraw their unnecessary and damaging pipeline projects, stop violating human rights, and stop polluting the air, water, and climate. #StopETP Join us—host an event in your community on September 9th.