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Indigenous National Day of Action, People's Climate Movement




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“On October 14, we are calling for bold action on climate from our Indigenous community and frontline leaders. Join IEN and #PeoplesClimate Movement and help #LeaveItInTheGround”


“We need everyone, everywhere to demand we #LeaveItInTheGround. Please SHARE and create or join an action on Oct. 14. #IndigenousRising #PeoplesClimate”


“Join the Indigenous National Day of Action and the People’s Climate Movement on Oct. 14. #climatechange is everyone’s problem. We need everyone. EVERYWHERE. #LeaveItInTheGround”


“Take the pledge to join the Indigenous Day of Action and People’s Climate Movement – ACTION NOT WORDS! Systems change now, action by everyone – EVERYWHERE. #LeaveItInTheGround”


On October 14, join the Indigenous National Day of Action and the People’s Climate Movement in an action near you and post of a picture of yourself with the hashtag #LeaveItInTheGround. To create or join an action click here:

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LeaveItInTheGround, People's Climate Movement

Leave It In The Ground, Climate Justice

People's Climate Movemet, Indigenous Day of Action

On October 14, 2015, in cities and towns around the nation, people will be engaging in a National Day of Action to once again call attention to the urgent need for bold steps to be taken to address the global climate crisis. Initiated by the People’s Climate Movement (PCM), these actions are being organized by local groups and organizations from the wide range of diverse constituencies and communities.


The People’s Climate Movement hopes local organizers will develop creative, inspirational events that call attention to the urgent need for immediate action on the climate crisis while highlighting the range of communities and constituencies involved in this new movement for climate justice. Where possible, we encourage local events that highlight and challenge those people/institutions/agencies that are either still denying climate change or are simply lying about the seriousness of the problems. Where it makes sense to use these local events to strengthen ongoing campaigns and projects, or to initiate new initiatives locally, we encourage that as well.

Everyone is asked to tie their local efforts to the nationwide movement we are all part of, as well as the global movement. This means posting your activities on the PCM website, it means making this connection when doing local media work, it means participating in nationally coordinated social media work, etc.

Download Action Tool Kit: WordDoc / PDF

Guidelines for Local Actions

To encourage the broadest and most diverse involvement possible, to respect our many communities and the important issues we are supporting, to help create activities that people from diverse constituencies will feel comfortable in, and to help ensure the safety of all participants, we expect everyone taking part in the Indigenous National Day of Action on October 14, 2015 to respect the following:

  • We will use no violence (physical or verbal) towards any person.
  • We will not destroy or damage property.
  • We will promote a tone of respect, honesty, transparency, and accountability in our actions.
  • We will not carry anything that can be construed as a weapon, nor possess (or consume) any alcohol or drugs.
  • We will all hold each other accountable to respecting these agreements.

Every organization involved in this effort is asked to read and agree to the Jemez Principles for Democratic Organizing which came out of the Environmental Justice Movement several years ago and has been a foundation piece for the People’s Climate Movement.

Examples of actions in Indigenous communities:

*In its most basic form this call to action is for Indigenous peoples throughout the U.S. to come together in prayer in their various communities on October 14th and to send us a photo of the group that met for that prayer holding a sign stating the town and state or site and state where you gathered with the wording Indigenous Solidarity – Peoples Climate Movement & the hashtag #LeaveItInTheGround. Photos can be sent to us at

 We are asking those that are able to, to take it one step further and:

*Conduct a meeting with your local tribal leadership on October 14th to talk about the impacts of climate change and what you can do in your community. Take a picture of you and your local leadership meeting and send it to us at with messaging about what your community is doing to tackle the climate crisis.

*Hold a rally and/or march in your community to draw attention to the issue of the climate crisis and take a photo of your march or rally along with your messaging on ideas your community has to tackle the climate crisis and send it to us at

*Gather of a group of friends, relatives, local groups and all others you can think of to reach out to take a photo with you in your community. The photo should be in front of industry you’re dealing with in your community or perhaps a beautiful place you want to protect to keep beautiful in your community. Send the photos to us at

Download Action Tool Kit: WordDoc / PDF

Individual Efforts

In some instances your situation might not lend itself to pulling together an organizing table and taking all of the steps outlined above. But that should not stop you…everyone has something to contribute to this movement and to the success of the National Day of Action! Here are suggestions for how you, as an individual, might proceed:

  • Call together friends, co-workers, neighbors, family and others. Talk about what you might like to do on Oct. 14th.
  • Once you have an idea, think about any organizations or groups in your area that you might reach out to and ask them to help build the action.
  • Don’t be shy about being in the public’s eye even with a few people.
  • Hand our leaflets in a busy part of town.
  • Set up a literature table where people go shopping.
  • Show a film or have a speaker on the climate crisis.
  • Do a small vigil in front of the offices of someone who could play a better role in supporting our demands for climate justice.
  • Or be even more creative: do a street theater skit, bring along some puppets or other visuals, get a soap box and make a speech!!

The more we all do on October 14th the better, and remember…there is no such thing as too small an action.

  • Be sure to list your activity or event on the People’s Climate Movement website.
  • Let your local media know about your activity. Sometimes even a few people at the right place at the right time can draw media attention.



Email usMessage Us On FacebookTweet Us @IENEarth and we will add your action on our map – include a link or other information we can share to let others know and join you!

BUT HURRY! October 14th is right around the corner!