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From the onset of this massive pipeline project numerous violations of the FDEP permit by the pipeline companies have occurred along the pipelines routes and were reported to the regulatory agencies without so much as a fine being imposed on Sabal Trail or Florida Southeast Connection fracked gas underground pipelines. Hundreds of our precious wetlands have been dewatered, and all vegetation removed to accommodate a pipeline easement, 100 feet wide, through Alabama, George and Florida. Our Florida Waterbodies now have underground pipelines beneath them, and forested waterbodies, that were dry cut or wet cut crossed, no longer have any vegetation or trees as they once did – changed forever. Any leak or explosion anywhere along the route will have devastating results and possibly catastrophic results to our Floridan Aquifer, waterbodies, springs and caves.


sabal trail pipeline, FLORIDA SOUTHEAST CONNECTION FRACKED GAS UNDERGROUND PIPELINE PROJECTS When regulatory agencies fail to properly exercise their legal obligations it jeopardizes public health and safety, our natural environment, waters, air, and wildlife. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), US Army Corps of Engineers (USACOE), Florida Department of Environment Protection(FDEP) and Water Management Districts approval of the Southeast Market Pipeline Project (Sabal Trail and Florida Southeast Connection Pipelines) represents a failure of regulatory agencies to properly review and monitor a 515.5 mile fracked gas underground pipeline crossing under, over and through some of Florida’s most unique and environmentally sensitive natural areas, critical wildlife habitat and waters.

Sabal Trail spill, protests across U.S. spur debate over natural gas pipeline in Florida

The Georgia Water Coalition on Wednesday listed the Sabal Trail pipeline on its annual “dirty dozen” list of threats to rivers in the state. Several of those rivers, including the Chattahoochee, Flint and Withlacoochee rivers, eventually flow into Florida. John Quarterman, pictured at the left, is from the WWALS Watershed Coalition environmental group in Georgia said the public was told such accidents were not possible.

The Sabal Trail Pipeline: A Sinking Feeling

sabal trail pipelineConstruction is underway for a $3.2 billion, 515-mile-long interstate gas pipeline, running from central Alabama, through southwestern Georgia, and deep into Central Florida. The Sabal Trail Pipeline is a project of Duke Energy, NextEra Energy, and Spectra Energy. Spectra is the fossil fuel corporation responsible for other controversial pipelines also under construction—notably the Algonquin Incremental Market (AIM) Project. AIM—the target of ongoing protests in the Hudson Valley (NY) and elsewhere, would run from central New Jersey to ports in the Boston, MA area, passing within a few hundred feet of Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant on the Hudson River.

Nature does have Rights – Open Letter to Sabal Trail Pipeline Corporations

My Name is Shannon Larsen, I am a 4th generation Floridian. I am outraged at the desecration being perpetrated by Rockford Pipeline Corporatio/PSC in Florida. I am sickened by the irreversible destruction of our Lands, Waters, and Wildlife. We have something called wetlands in Florida, and they are precious to us as they are the cooling system in Florida and provide a necessary habitat for many species. Our Waters we cherish and our Lands we have sought to steward in a manner that insures that the next generations may enjoy what we have, and that the wildlife have places to call home as well.