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U.S. Indigenous Youth travels to Australia to Call Attention to Climate Justice

Joseph White Eyes from Eagle Butte South Dakota and Co-Founder of the One Mind Youth Movement

Joseph White Eyes from Eagle Butte South Dakota and Co-Founder of the One Mind Youth Movement represented IEN at the SEED Summit

Sydney, Australia – Australia’s first Indigenous youth led climate network, SEED, will be hosted the ‘Protect Country’ Climate Justice Summit in Sydney April 29-May 2, 2016. This summit culminated in an action against the proposed Carmichael Coal Mine on Wangan and Jagalingou country in Central Queensland.

Sydney, Australia – Australia’s first Indigenous youth led climate network, SEED, will be hosted the ‘Protect Country’ Climate Justice Summit in Sydney April 29-May 2, 2016. This summit culminated in an action against the proposed Carmichael Coal Mine on Wangan and Jagalingou country in Central Queensland.

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Bakken resident travels 1,600 miles to Washington, DC, for BLM methane waste prevention rule

DakotaResourceCouncilWASHINGTON, D.C. — A resident of Mandaree, N.D., is in the nation’s capital this week to garner support for a new rule that would limit the waste of natural gas from oil and gas fields.

Lisa DeVille, a board member of Dakota Resource Council (DRC) and the Western Organization of Resource Councils (WORC), an enrolled member of the Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara Nation, and a resident of Fort Berthold Reservation, is meeting with Senator Heidi Heitkamp and Representative Kevin Cramer to share her experience dealing with the Bakken oil and gas development and her perspective on the Bureau of Land Management’s proposed methane waste prevention rule for public and tribal lands.

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Peabody’s Declaration of Bankruptcy is “No Surprise”

NavajoNationNavajo Nation, AZ – The nation’s largest coal company, Peabody Energy Corporation, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection Wednesday as the coal industry grapples with the fallout of low natural gas prices and the increased enforcement of federal regulations. Peabody has ownership stakes in 26 mines in Australia and the U.S. including the Kayenta Mine located in the Black Mesa region of the Navajo Nation. This declaration of bankruptcy has many Navajo communities asking what this means in terms of Peabody’s responsibility to workers, health care and the clean up the region’s land and water, and transition its economy.

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Pipeline Fighters Set Up Spirit Camp to Block Construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline


On April 1st, hundreds gathered in Ft. Yates on the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe reservation to show opposition to the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline, also known as the Bakken pipeline.

“the Dakota Access Pipeline threatens public health and welfare on the Standing Rock Indian Reservation. The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe relies on the waters of the life-giving Missouri River for our continued existence, and the Dakota Access Pipeline poses a serious risk to Mni Sose and to the very survival of our Tribe.” Standing Rock Sioux Tribe resolution opposing the Dakota Access Pipeline

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5-Year Draft Plan Protects Atlantic but Continues to Sacrifice Other Regions

offshoreEven with Atlantic exemption, President Obama’s off-shore leasing plan remains a vibrant contradiction to all things that are supposed to mitigate climate change,” states Dallas Goldtooth, Keep It In The Ground Campaign Organizer for the Indigenous Environmental Network. “We cannot hope to see a Just Transition towards a renewable energy future, without a complete rejection of the dirty energy of the past. This plan is an affront to the lives of those Indigenous coastal communities of Alaska and the Gulf Coast, who are already carrying the brunt of our carbon addiction as quintessential sacrifice zones. For the benefit of Mother Earth and our future generations, we must Keep Fossil Fuels In the Ground. The President must take the Arctic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico off the oil and gas chopping block.

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Indigenous Environmental Network and Alaska Native REDOIL Respond to Obama-Trudeau Joint Statement on Climate Change

Washington DC – In a joint statement released yesterday, President Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promised that their two countries would “play a leadership role internationally in the low carbon global economy over the coming decades.” They announced new commitments to work together to boost investment in clean energy; establish a pan-Arctic marine protection network and low-impact Arctic shipping corridors; limit greenhouse gas emissions, including methane; and pursue a number of other initiatives designed to slow global warming and speed up protection of the fragile Arctic.

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Watch Keystone XL Victory Chat with our Most Visionary and Determined Leaders…

rejectandprotectvictoryOn Watch the webcast!!! We’ve saved it just for you… Thursday, Nov. 12, IEN is co-sponsored a live video webinar with the Keystone XL fight’s most visionary and determined leaders — from the front lines in Nebraska and South Dakota, to the halls of Washington, to student leaders — to say thank you and take stock of what this victory means while it’s fresh in our minds.

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Tribal, Grassroots, & Treaty Leaders Respond to President Obama Rejecting Keystone XL Pipeline

rejectandprotectvictoryWashington D.C. – President Obama has rejected the Keystone XL cross-border application filed by TransCanada to the U.S. State Department. This is a huge victory for the Tribal Nations and communities along its proposed route that have been fighting this dirty tar sands project for the past seven years. This rejection is a sincere affirmation of the struggle to protect the sacredness of Mother Earth and her life blood, the water.

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President Obama Rejects Keystone XL – Indigenous Environmental Network Responds


“In the fight against Keystone XL our efforts as Indigenous peoples, whether Lakota, Dakota, Assiniboine, Ponca, Cree, Dene or other has always been in the defense of Mother Earth and the sacredness of the water. Today, with this decision we feel those efforts have been validated. With the rejection of Keystone XL we have not only protected the sacredness of the land and water we have also helped our Cree & Dene relatives at the source take one step closer to shutting down the tar sands. The black snake, Keystone XL, has been defeated and best believe we will dance to our victory!”

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GE Trees and Indigenous Lands

 Share on Tumblr  Presentation at the Campaign to Stop GE Trees Tele-Press Conference, February 9, 2016 – Click here to access all presentations and materials. Historically, U.S. Federal and State Governments, along with corporate/private interests,... read more

The Nightmare Before Christmas – Future
GE Chestnuts: Ho Ho NO!

HoHoNO!! to Genetically Engineered ChestuntsNew York (15 December 2015)– In the midst of the holiday season, while thoughts turn to roasting chestnuts, a handful of scientists are working to genetically engineer the iconic American chestnut tree which they hope to release throughout the Appalachians and the Eastern US. Indigenous Peoples, scientists and others are raising alarms about the risks of these trees, cautioning about their dangerous impacts to forests, wildlife and human health [1]. Due to these unassessed risks, they warn, GE chestnuts, or any GE trees trees should never be approved for planting.

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Corporate Greenwash in Tuscany

 Share on Tumblr  IUFRO Tree Biotechnology Conference Denounced for Promoting GMO Trees Campaign to STOP Genetically Engineered Trees FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE New York (8 June 2015, 0:00 GMT) – From 8 to 12 June, Florence, Italy will be the host city for the... read more


Lakota Youth Join Thousands to Commit Civil Disobedience in Demanding Justice On Race, Climate And Immigration

OurGenerationOurChoice1“One year out from the presidential election, youth fighting for justice on race, climate, and immigration will take to the streets of our nation’s capital demanding that candidates and elected officials align their agendas with the imperatives of the crises of our time. After years of political inaction and failure, young are engaging in the political process to demand that our country invest in those things that make our communities thrive, and lead an economy in crisis to a society that works for all people.

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Native Leaders Remark on Shell & Arctic Drilling Announcement

Shell Abandons Arctic DrillingSeptember 29, 2015 – Royal Dutch Shell has announced its plans to abandon its attempts to drill for oil off Alaska’s northwest coast, citing disappointing results from exploratory wells. Native American leaders who have been campaigning against the Shell project and other extreme energy developments share their thoughts on the announcement made yesterday:

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World People’s Conference on Climate Change

 Share on Tumblr  World People’s Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth Today, our Mother Earth is wounded and the future of humanity is in danger. If global warming increases by more than 2 degrees Celsius, a situation that the... read more
Grassroots leaders from social movements across Asia tie their scarves together at the declaration of the SMAA hemispheric alliance.

Grassroots leaders from social movements across Asia tie their scarves together at the declaration of the SMAA hemispheric alliance.



  • California EPA Live Webcasts – Cap-and-Trade Workshop – Sector based
    Cap-and-Trade Workshop – Sector based – English: CalEPA Headquarters, Byron Sher Auditorium, 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM – Coordinator: Sean Donovan sdonovan@arb.ca.gov File: 491820 Video: http://www.calepa.ca.gov/broadcast/player/?group=LiveVideo&source=byron&id=491820 Audio: http://www.calepa.ca.gov/broadcast/player/?group=LiveAudio&source=byron&id=491820 Cap-and-Trade Workshop – Sector based – Spanish: Video: http://www.calepa.ca.gov/broadcast/player/?group=LiveVideo&source=vtc01&id=497698 Audio: http://www.calepa.ca.gov/broadcast/player/?group=LiveAudio&source=vtc01&id=497698
  • Seeing REDD: Communities, Forests and Carbon trading in Nigeria – New Report
    A new report released today highlights how forest dependent communities in Cross River State, southeast Nigeria, are losing rights and livelihoods, as their forests are being locked down by the government, which seeks cash through a United Nations backed ‘carbon trading’ scheme, Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+). DOWNLOAD THE REPORT HERE. The […]
  • INVESTIGATION: How a $4 million UN climate programme impoverished Nigerian communities
    April 21, 2016 Ini Ekott   Things were looking up for William Obio when he decided to invest more in his logging business. For the first time in years, his nine children and three brothers were eating well, and he could support his over half-a-dozen team of machine operators, saw men, scouts, and wood carriers. […]
  • We Denounce and Resist the Green Economy’s Impacts on Women and Forests
    Declaration by the World Rainforest Movement (WRM), March 2016 To Berta Cáceres and the Lenca People, the struggle continues! In March, the world commemorates two important dates: International Women’s Day (March 8) and International Day of Forests (March 21).  Women play a key role in the conservation of and struggles to defend forests, water and […]


The Extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food

 Share on Tumblr  By MICHAEL MOSS  New York Times On the evening of April 8, 1999, a long line of Town Cars and taxis pulled up to the Minneapolis headquarters of Pillsbury and discharged 11 men who controlled America’s largest food companies. Nestlé was in... read more

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